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baby steps

Break and reset?

What goals did you miss?

Donald Trump could be an American Hero

Process? Process? Not the work. We talking about process?

Imagine the worst to make faster decisions

Make your “team slide” matter

By law, maybe. In reality I fundamentally disagree and there is tons of evidence to the contrary.

My Freedom of Choice

Two Questions for Every Strategy Session

Agree with you here and have struggled with the same fears (admittedly articulated less clearly).

Customer Interviews (a VC point of view)

Great move Kim.

Build right. Not up and to the right.

How to miss your numbers

The 3 things most critical to building a great culture

Do the thing you love. Find a co-founder to do the rest.

Also, does this match your priorities/what you believe your customer will value?

Unlimited Vacation (+ two weeks where the office is closed)

One way to solve a problem

Actually referring to a third group that is a sub-set of the two groups you describe.


Agree with 1 — it is a generalization to make a point about the trap of exclusively looking for…

The most dangerous person in Silicon Valley

Shoe dog is a great read on brand and company building.

Elegant Management


Support vs. Critique

Want to run great meetings? Learn to pass the mic

Aka “story”

Two questions to guide any startup today, tomorrow and in the future

-General George S Patton Jr.

Counter metric is a great phrase.

To get the best advice you have to know what it looks like

There Is No Finish Line

Call and Response UI/UX design (aka chat bot thought)

Seed Stage CEOs and the sensory deprivation chamber

Why I’m not down to lunch

I wonder this as well and feel like in some cases the chat interface is just an excuse for…

Welcome Hayley. Welcome.

Welcome Hayley. Welcome.

Dorm Room Fund 100