Sitemap - 2012 - Sneakerhead VC

A Design+Startup talk on Social Design from Eric Fisher

Joe Caraffa, Marketplace Operations manager at Etsy, talks tools at Hack+Startup

Mike Nolet, founder and CTO of AppNexus talks DevOps at Hack+Startup

The Dorm Room Fund is open for business in Philadelphia

SmartThings and our investment in the Open Physical Graph

A new look at crafting eCommerce for men

Apple Maps proves HTML5 sucks

If you can’t have someone’s full attention, do you want their advice?

Design+Startup: A Chat with Sahil Lavingia, Founder of Gumroad

Announcing Hack+Startup with Facebook

5 things that help craft products at Square (Beau Smith at Design+Startup)

Designing all the things (Twitter’s Josh Brewer at Design+Startup)

Design+Startup Quick Fire from HotelTonight Design Lead Shawn Borsky

Design + Startup

When you are raising money, never need a yes and never, ever be surprised by a no

Welcoming Sherpaa to the First Round Capital Community

Is your company culture too strong to serve your customers?

Don’t waste your consumer’s attention. Take the time to Design EVERYTHING

Get your game face on and run through the finish line in every meeting to find your greatness

Answer the question, “How can I help?” with First Round’s newest Community member, GiveForward

Honor the assist and great culture will follow

3 reasons social proof stinks

Build a napkin sketch culture because the cost of failure at your start-up is paid in lost creativity

on average a VC meets an entrepreneur once…until they meet again.

Right now is the best time ever to do what you love

Features touch consumers. Strategies do not.

Just because you can type does not mean you can code

Cloud production AKA Makerbot Prime

What have you designed lately and what does it say about you?

Design your company (not just your product) at Northside June 14th

Find your magic number and focus on it

Cultural Inflection — beware the effect of success

What are you building and what does it do?

Watching the Google auto-complete algorithm at work from a hill in Tuscany

Who cares about the stock price, Zuck should win the Nobel Peace Prize

Here we go!

Mobile is the 99%

The Say/Do Founder Hack: Your company’s health in a simple ratio

product development and finding the bathroom on an airplane

4 signs of the design mindset (my talk at AgileUX NYC)

Software is about to eat chronic disease and save us $2 Trillion per year

Failure to sync: Time is different for Entrepreneurs

Has your CTO become Dr. No?

All VCs are tools

My New Year’s Resolution: Do Less, Slower