Sitemap - 2010 - Sneakerhead VC

Merry Christmas, #beafounder

Forget “surprise and delight” give me the “Damn! Factor”

Changing trains, building teams, moving to NYC

Birchbox is delivering wonderful one month at a time and we are excited to help

Selling Ad Tech (old school audience management)

SkillSlate, efficiency in local markets and my bulldog Barclay

Don’t let perfection get in the way of participation

Soccer Mom killed by audience, data leakage

Deep Simplicity: Making banking suck less

If two R’s is good, three is better. A new SaaS metric: Monthly Recurring Revenue Ramped (MRRR)

“No” hurts. “Maybe” can kill.

Go ahead girl! (build a start-up and make the world a better place)

Learning from Ancient Asian Wisdom

Are you my investor? The only 100% guaranteed accurate test of investor type ever offered for free

Publishers and agencies: Use your people skills to bring brand dollars online or Google will eat your lunch

Punctuality and Ego

How SaaS is killing karaoke and the “entertainment” column in expense accounts everywhere

Anticipation is magic (in product experience)

Effective board meetings in 10 steps (my first Quora inspired post)

Show me the magic (in your product)

Data Farming

“Previum” the evolution of Freemium

Online Privacy Solutions and Creation Vs. Regulation

Cheers to pursuing passion

Stop lean-washing. Save the (start-up) world.

Honor and termsheets

SneakerheadVC logo: the backstory

MVPP: Minimum Viable Product Purchase and the lesson of the first trash talk T’s

Altitude switching and development priorities

In order to grow, just say “No”

Hello, my name is Phin and I am a sneakerhead VC

Rise of the machines (decision making when milliseconds matter)

Before you sign a termsheet, take your VC to the Chiropractor

2010: the year of “game mechanics”

Junior people in VC are gate keepers who add friction to the system