Sitemap - 2013 - Sneakerhead VC

From touch screen to touch world — welcome to mobile 2.0

Timing is everything (a look at Blockbuster and broadband adoption)

The monster under the bed — Founder fear and gaps in emotional volume

Get your career going up and to the right with the power of compounding growth

To get the most out of your investors, turn them into rubber ducks

Sustaining work (a 250 word hug from Brooklyn Beta)

Student start-ups create an innovators dilemma for MBA programs

Dorm Room Fund is coming to Boston!

Serena Williams is my new favorite athlete (and if you work in the start-up industry she should be yours too)

August is for Building

A start-up is about doing EVERYTHING before you are ready

When your customer calls you dumb, real stupidity is not listening

The ripple effect of student entrepreneurship

MBAs are not a fit for startups…unless they prove it

A Grand welcome to the First Round Community for Grand St.

Product Details Matter — A physical inspiration for digital creation

Test, Validate, Expand — NYC’s newest venture fund is for students by students

The home cooked story of our investment in Blue Apron

Winning is easy if you get everyone to finish

Founders win by creating more moments of truth

2/3 of internet users want horrible ads

A single question that can guide every decision at a startup

Internet business models are WAY bigger than the internet

In the early days hire for talent not skill

Hats off to the Quirky Blackout and to pushing the absolute limits of every single day we have

Advice for designers who want to be founders