Announcing Hack+Startup with Facebook

At First Round we do our best to operate at start-up speed. We listen to our customers and respond to their needs with new products, services and events designed to help every First Round entrepreneur be world class. When we try new things, we start with a test, gather feedback and iterate. Everything is in a perpetual state of beta.

We launched the Design+Startup series of events as a test. We have been thinking about pointing some of the focus and energy we bring to our First Round Community events at the broader start-up industry and wanted to see if it would work. We have done two evenings of Design+Startup with our partner IDEO and the feedback from the design community, the customer, has been excellent and we have lined up Design+Startup events in New York and San Francisco for this fall — details coming soon.

The feedback on Design+ has also included meaningful demand for a similar series of talks focused on engineering. True to form, we are taking what we learned from Design+Startup and have partnered with Facebook to launch Hack+Startup – An event series built for engineers, featuring engineers.

For the first event in this series, we are working with the awesome people at Brooklyn Beta and holding the public launch of Hack+Startup on October 11th in New York City as part of Beyond Beta and the Brooklyn Beta Conference. Brooklyn Beta gets all the people who can turn an idea into reality in one place and we are working with Facebook to bring together engineering leaders to direct technical discussions on crafting superior software as part of the Beyond Beta events.

The Hack+Startup talks will focus on sharing tactical, actionable advice for engineers in the start-up industry to learn from and take back to work the next day. In addition, we hope to attract talent from outside the start up industry, from Wall Street, from agencies and from large companies, and help them understand the technical problems being solved at start-ups and the amazing talent working to build the next generation of great technology companies.

If you create in code and will be in New York on October 11th for Brooklyn Beta, Beyond Beta or because you live here, you should register for Hack+Startup here. If you do not write code, the Hack+Startup talks are likely to be too technical and you may be in over your head and get less out of the evening.