Cheers to pursuing passion

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to speak at Hobby NYC thanks to my friends at Harvest. Hobby is something they have done for three months now, and it gives people a chance to talk about their passions and how they pursue them. I talked about my sneaker addiction and had a blast. There is joy in pursuing a passion and as I watched the talks that night, I was reminded of the pitches I love to hear – excitement for the idea, detail in the inspiration and depth in the subject matter.

Cheers to everyone out there pursuing their passions as businesses, hobbies or side projects. No matter the outcome on paper, you have won the game.

I have embedded my portion of the evening below along with the slides, but all the videos are available on Vimeo. I am not sure when the next Hobby NYC event will be, but I will be there and it will be great.

Here is the talk:

Hobby: Phin Barnes, Sneaker Addiction from Harvest on Vimeo.

and here are the slides: